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Middle Earth: Woodhall


What are the freshman dorms?
We are taking look at the freshmen dorms in middle earth more specifically Wood Hall.

How many people fit comfortably?
In this specific dorm room it fits two people very comfortably with a lot of room for friends. It has plenty of room for friends to come and stay on the floor or to blow up a air mattress - מזרונים.

What is included in the dorm?
It comes with two beds two bookshelves on top of the desks and two dressers that are not in the walls
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What do you wish you knew about the dorms before you moved in?
Plenty of room to bring in a TV and a gaming system may not help with getting good grades but there is definitely plenty of room for entertainment.

What should/shouldn't you bring to these dorms?
Do bring lots of fans no air-conditioning it gets very hot in the dorms especially if you are in a top rooms. Also a heater will help during the winter or just a lot of blankets.

Pros vs. Cons?
Pros= a lot of space for things not to cramped, only one roommate makes it easy to get along plenty of space for only two people to study
Cons= no AC is the biggest problem and no heater but these can easily be fixed with a heater and AC

Where is the bathroom?
The bathroom is community so it is frustrating walking down the hall to the bathroom.

How quiet is the area?
It gets loud due to the community rooms that are close to the dorms. Students stay up late playing board games and play loud music.

Good/bad lighting?
The lighting is very common typical florescent lights in the ceilings and a couple of windows. You should bring your own lights to make it feel more homely.