What are the freshman dorms? There are five different freshman dorms, but I live in Justin Hall.
How many people fit comfortably? Two fit nicely but there are people on my floor with three to a room. Two is definitely more comfortable though.
What is included in the dorm? A sink, a mirror, two beds and mattresses, two desks and chairs, two three draw dressers, two big closets with two cabinets over each closet, and one of the walls is a burlap material that you can push thumbtacks into.
What do you wish you knew about the dorms before you moved in? I wish I knew that the closets were going to be big. I thought I was going to move into a smaller room.
What should/shouldn't you bring to these dorms? You should bring a full length mirror, sheets, a desk lamp, a foam top for your bed because the mattresses are not that comfortable, a fan, a fridge, microwave, tv, and a white board to put on the outside of your door for fun messages! You shouldn't bring candles or hot plates. You also do not really need a throw rug because the carpets are brand new.
Pros vs. Cons? Pros: The carpets are brand new this year and the closets are big. Cons: There is no air conditioning so it gets hot and stuff easily.
Where is the bathroom? The bathroom is four doors down on the right. Very close and its not a hassle to go down the hall.
How quiet is the area? We have a very social hall so we always have our doors open and everyone is mingling. 9pm marks the start of quiet hours though, so it gets pretty quiet after that unless people are in your room.
Good/bad lighting? The lighting is good.