What are the freshman dorms?
At Harvey Mudd, the freshman are placed into their dorms based on a comprehensive survey. All of the dorms are coed and every dorm has every class represented. In other words, every dorm has freshmen.
J. L. Atwood Residence Hall, 1200 N. Mills Ave

Frederick and Susan Sontag Residence Hall, 524 E. Foothill Blvd

How many people fit comfortably?
Most frosh dorms are doubles, and they can very comfortably fit two people. This being said, it is very common to have 15 person homework parties in a dorm room.
What is included in the dorm?
Bed, Mattress elevators, cabinets, desk, drawers, chairs, stools, sink, closets, tack-board, whiteboard.
What do you wish you knew about the dorms before you moved in?
I wish I knew what exactly was included in the room, and how the bathroom system worked.
What should/shouldn't you bring to these dorms?
A piece of furniture would be a nice thing to bring, as well as a refrigerator and a microwave... you don't really need anything else though.
Pros vs. Cons?
Pros: Spacious, somewhat new, air conditioned (!), room cleaning, bathroom directly connected to room (only shared with one other room). This does depend on the dorm though - one of the 8 dorms has traditional hallway bathrooms. The other 7 are either shared between two rooms or a suite (anywhere from 3-9 people).
Cons: They could be a little bit bigger. The dorm lounge can be pretty gross, but this greatly depends on the dorm. Some of the lounges are beautiful, spacious, and great places to work.