What are the freshman dorms?
Concordia is a very interesting campus they not only require all freshmen to live on campus they require all students under the age of 21 to live on campus. They claim this builds bonds between the students and creates a family.
CHI RHO & CHI SIGMA floor plan
CHI RHO & CHI SIGMA floor plan

How many people fit comfortably?
The dorms themselves are extremely comfortable. They fit 2 people very comfortable with plenty of room for friends. Some of the best dorms you will find in any college system.

What is included in the dorm?
The suite come with four bedrooms and a study room all of them share a bathroom in each suite. Each room comes with two desks two dressers and two beds. The coolest thing about the Concordia dorms is easily the walk in closets that are in the dorms allowing for all you girls to bring every article of clothing you own.

What do you wish you knew about the dorms before you moved in?
Knowing that the dorms are massive would really have been helpful while packing. It is not necessary to try to leave everything at home there is plenty of space in the dorms.

What should/shouldn't you bring to these dorms?
Bring all your clothes and leave any storage that you think you would need. The dorms come with a lot of storage space so it
is not necessary to bring your own.

Pros vs. Cons?
Pros= the dorms are very nice in almost every area definitely some of the best dorms that you will get in college
Cons= shared bathrooms between suites is the closest thing we can come to a con

Where is the bathroom?
The bathroom is shared between the suite. This sometimes causes problems but it is better than a floor bathroom.

How quiet is the area?
The rooms are very quiet. Every student is very studious and rarely is there noise complaints. Each suite comes with a study room for silence. This helps a lot with studying in a quiet place.

Good/bad lighting?
The lighting is the same as most other schools florescent lights and a window. Recommend to bring your own lights. Florescent lights are hard on the eyes after a prolonged time of studying.