Smith Hall

What are the freshman dorms?

The freshmen dorms are all together, much like most other colleges. This is a look at smith hall. A two story residence hall.

How many people fit comfortably?
They fit three people, comfortable would be pushing it, but they manage.

What is included in the dorm?
The dorm comes with three beds that can be arranged in many different configurations. This dorm has chose to stack the beds. The dorm also comes with three desks that are often scattered around the room. It comes with closets as well that are built into the walls and storage compartments.

What do you wish you knew about the dorms before you moved in?
The space is limited and between 3 people we cannot bring to many things extra. Bring earplugs to block out your two other roommates to get some quiet time.

What should/shouldn't you bring to these dorms?
Only bring the necessities any extra things such as a hat rack will crowd the area and take away from space. If the dorm is cramped then it will make for a very long year.

Pros vs. Cons?
Pros= you become very close with your dorm mates, there is a decent amount of room if you configure it correctly, the buildings are very nice
Cons= the living space is limited due to the three people living in a small area, the stacked bunk beds leaves one person with little to no space to sleep on the bottom

Where is the bathroom?
The hall has a bathroom. This makes it tiresome to walk down the hall to take showers and use the restroom.

How quiet is the area?
The specific dorm being looked at is very quiet although some other dorms can become quite loud at times. This makes it very difficult to study in the dorms. The best alternative is to study in the library.

Good/bad lighting?
The lighting is very normal for a college over head florescent lights and one window to peer out of. I would recommend bringing normal lights to use due to the annoyance and strain on your eyes that the florescent lights cause towards the middle of the year.